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15 Minute podcast of this weeks DX Expeditions and special Event Stations .
New every week and released every monday .
Working with NBEMS
The NBEMS software provides a digital radio sound card modem and a form-based messaging program in two separate applications that work together to form a perfect software suite for emergency radio digital communications for use on HF and VHF/UHF. The software is free and multi platform... so, no matter if you run MAC, Linux or WIndows, the software runs, looks and feels the same on any OS platform.


 World of Amateur Radio" 1978 ARRL Film
(Really Cool!)

World of Amateur Radio" 1978 ARRL Film


2012 is the 75 th anniversary of the ARRL’s DXCC Award--the world’s preeminent DXing award continues to be DXCC, so reaching the “Diamond milestone” is an event that we all want to celebrate.  Going back to the roots of the award, and specifically reading the 1937 DXCC List (January, 1937 QST  pages 52-3), we can learn what countries were counted at the onset led us to create the Diamond DXCC Challenge. ...Full story



Ride a Shuttle Booster to the Edge of Space and Back


Antenna Failure coming soon .
This Antron has been in use about 20 years and the past heavy winds
have finally taken a toll on it , when i purchased it i paid $49.99 for it
i think i got my moneys worth of use out of it.
I Hope the new one i will purchase servers me as well

DX Monitor by VE3SUN
This is a piece of Ham Radio Software brought to my attention By Alan KF8PM
Alan says that this is a really useful DX Cluster software with lots of Unique features, i have not had the time to check it out , but if you have any questions i am sure Alan would be happy to answer them for you .
DX Monitor comes with a 30 free trial but after the 30 days are up you will have to pony up
$39.95 to continue using it .


This is very similar to a Flex Radio although receive only .
Chose a receiver from the list on the left and have fun .

This will make you look at your Credit Cards Differently

Sent in by Bob W8RET 

Ham Radio Deluxe 5.1 Download

New Michelin Tires
The "Tweel"     <<-- Click For More Info

New Michelin Airless Tires


D-Star Demo


Doug Cook KD5PDN's article about contacting the International Space Station with a few watts and a shoestring budget antenna is now available.

If you are interested in a Spider beam Antena check out their website and they will give you the plans
to build one for FREE. Or if you like you can also purchase one complete or you can also get
Parts. A Great company to give you the plans to build their antenna.
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Journey 2
Upcoming movie hinges on Amateur Radio
The ARRL report that the plot of a new movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island hinges on Amateur Radio. According to previews, the plot of the movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island -- set to be released February 10 -- hinges on Amateur Radio.

When All Else Fails -- Amateur Radio Prevails