Ham Radio Insurance --

Cool Electronic Parts and Supplies

Real Time lightning Maps

Understanding Antennas For the Non-technical Ham by N4JA  

Google Map Repeater Directory By K5EHX

The Chronicle Telegram  --  Local News Paper For Elyria Ohio

TMC News -- Another Source For News

Radio Reference -- Excelent Frequency Database  and More

Amateur Logic -- Amateur Radio Related Online TV

BlueTooth Headset -- BlueTooth Radio/Headset Interface

Where Are All The Hams -- Find Hams By Zip Code

APRS - Find -- Find Hams Running APRS

Kangaroo Tabor Software - Excelent Amateur Radio Software 

N.O.D.I.G -- Norther Ohio Digital Inter connect Group -- Local D-Star Group 

Need a Tube -- Call Bob over at  

Marine Traffic - Live Tracking of commercial vessels around the world

Live Storm / Tornado Chasers with Live Video

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When All Else Fails -- Amateur Radio Prevails


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