N.O.A.R.S 10 Meter Net 
28.370 Mhz USB Tuesday Night 8pm Local  01:00 UTC (Winter)  00:00 UTC (Summer)
W5KUB,(Helmet Cam Guy) together with ARRL, is pleased to host the debut showing of the new video “The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio” today December 27, 2011 at 8:30 PM Eastern time  (0130 UTC Dec 28)
Beware Of Santa Claus
 Beware of Santa , he is bad for your antennas .
Do you like to work DX ?
Then this website is for you , More DX news and information than you can shake a Antenna At
Enough Solar Data to confuse Anyone - But lots of good information
Visually see a RF wave

Visually see a RF wave


60 Meter article is currently the second article down.
info Provided by Alan kf8pm
PL-259 installation

PL-259 Installation Part 1


PL-259 Installation Part 2

  ARRL 10 Meter Contest  December 10-11

A Very simple to understand chart to explain the SFI - A & K Index
Nice video on Dipole and antenna basics
Many other good videos by this guy
A Dx Cluster client with lots of very useful features and all the settings are done with a graphical user interface.
This Tuesday at 5:30pm PT, surf on over to www.TWiT.tv/hn to hear HAM Nation and find out what's going in in D-STAR.
Don't know what the heck D-STAR is?  Think it has something to do with Darth Vader and Star Wars?  Wonder why people sometimes hear "RD2D" on D-STAR?  Want to find out how you can talk around the world with a handy talky?  Want to know if its OK to have your "Dongle" out when the YL's come by?
Check out HAM Nation each week. New episodes post every Tuesday at 5:30pm PT .  You can listen to them anytime, and even listen to past episodes.

DXpeditions For October


Ivory Coast

October 27 to November 11



October 21 to December 29



September 30 to October12


Kiritimati (Christmas Island)

Sept and October


HA So Pacific Tour- T2, T30 ,3D2/F,

October and Novermber


Rotuma Island




This video is a very quick 5min demonstration of the new Tektronix MDO4000 - a Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

shown by Keith kd8gxl
Arrow J-Pole

I built mine and used solid aluminum rod salvaged from industrial Buss Duck.
Ray W8ADV has also built this antenna with great success and he stated he got his aluminum
element rods from a old fashioned hardware Store in wellington or LaGrange i forget which.
This is a real easy antenna to build.
Ver 5.1 to be FREE after that probabably not 
This is not really a App but more of a mobile site for smart phones but it has lots of
cool and usefull things for the Ham Radio operator.
Dont have a Smart Phone , no problem you can still run this link and all of the tools from your
computer. For smart phones just navigate to the link, save as a shortcut.
A 2.6 GB source of information and pictures of radios, accessories and more
Articles, Forums, News and Reviews of Ham Radio Equipment .

Take A Virtual Tour Inside The Cockpit of the Discovery Space Shuttle


Black Hole Swallowing up a Star

 *** Antenna Search ***
This is a must see website . If you have ever seen a tower or an antenna and wondered what it was used for
or by who , chances are you can go to this site and look it up.  You must put in the complete address information of a house or business nearby and it will give you information for a 3 mile radius, every tower and antenna and who uses them, except for Ham Radio .

Ham Qsl
Ham Qsl is a Ham Site with lots of interesting topics and lots of interesting information. 

First-Time View of Coronal Mass Ejection from Sun to Earth - NASA Video

First-Time View of Coronal Mass Ejection from Sun to Earth - NASA Video


Israel unveils first commercial solar power plant

Arava Power's 4.95 megawatt solar power plant at Kibbutz Keturah is the first of about 50 photovoltaic power fields to be built throughout the southern Negev desert by the end of 2014.

Joke Sent in by Frank W8FJR
Bubba and Johnny Ray were sittin' on the front porch drinking beer
when a large truck hauling rolls and rolls of sod went by.
"I'm gonna do dat when I win the lottery," said Bubba.
"Do what?" asked Johnny Ray.
"Send my grass out to be mowed."
Space Weather News for August 9, 2011
X-FLARE: This morning at 0805 UT, sunspot 1263 produced an X7-class solar flare--so far the most powerful flare of new Solar Cycle 24.  The brunt of the explosion was not Earth directed. Even so, a minor solar proton storm is in progress around our planet, and the flare also created waves of ionization in Earth's upper atmosphere.  Visit http://spaceweather.com for images and more information.
How to receive ARISSat-1

AMSAT-NA have created a special page with information on how to receive the satellite.
ARISSat-1 can transmit Slow Scan TV pictures from its 4 onboard cameras and it is hoped a picture of the actual deployment wil be transmitted. The SSTV FM signal should be receivable using simple equipment such as a 2m FM handheld with a quater wave whip. ARISSat-1 also has CW and BPSK beacons and a cross band 435/145 MHz linear transponder for SSB/CW working.

Submitted by Tom - w8kyz  Via Sarah at the Valley Book Club
Compass Rose
Converts common headings to degrees
3D Printer
Submitted by Frank W8FJR -- Thanks Frank

Submitted by Frank W8FJR

Lee Phillips sits in his truck, an amateur radio at the right that he can credit with saving his life. One weekend, he suffered a stroke while driving and his ham friends directed him to safety.
This is a huge list of senior discounts
Sent in by Bob w8ret -- Thanks Bob
Visual Timeline of the building of the ISS
Sent in by Bob w8ret -- Thanks Bob
Special Event 7-23-11  - 7-31-11
 will be on all this week for those that are working his special event.
 Special Event 7-27-11  - 7-31-11
This is a W9ZL special event station on the grounds of the EAA AirVenture 2011 Oshkosh, Wisconsin calling CQ.... calling CQ and standing by 
D-Star Academy for beginning and intermediate users. For further information check web site
 Dr. J.N. Shive of Bell Labs demonstrates and discusses the following aspects of wave behavior
 (Standing waves and resonance)
This is a old video but the information still holds true today.

DX Code Of Conduct

Good Operating practices can make you or break you on that rare DX contact.Click the above link for some good rules of a good DX'er 
Main Site lots of good information.


WASHINGTON (AP) — A yearlong experiment with the nation's electric grid could mess up traffic lights, security systems and some computers — and make plug-in clocks and appliances like programmable coffeemakers run up to 20 minutes fast.

Click Here for Full Article.

Camping Antena Mount

Camping Antenna Mount

6-28-11 Digital Modes Net
145.150 PL 110.9
Monday's at 8 PM Local
Alternative to QRZ for Call Sign Lookup  -- Callook.info
Work one station and get a certifercate
July 1 - July 5
N.O.A.R.S  Amateur Radio Field Day
June 24-26
Lorain County Indian Hollow Reservation on Parsons Road, Grafton, OH
N.O.A.R.S Sumer Hamfest July 16Th
Lorain County Community College In the Spitzer Confrence Center
Air Conditioned Hamfest and OutDoor Flea Market Space.
D-Star Fourm  With  Jeff Evans kb8zun  10:30 am
MP Antenna Fourm  Dr jack Neieson 9am
At the end of the MP Antenna Fourn there will be a door prise of a MP Antenna
to 1 Lucky Winner  
Digital Discousion Net
Mondays at 8PM 145.150 Repeater.
 Net Control wd8iqj
Add a Flag Counter to your QRZ Page
After clicking on the instructions link above click Open or Save and instructions will open in
Notepad .
Incredible pictures of the Tower System that supports the n6lxx repeater in Texas
Looking at the pictures it looks like the Repeater cabinets are mounted high up on the tower.
The Tower is 2000 feet tall and you take the elevator to the top.
The Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) antenna is one that provides the majority of its radiation at an extremely high angle. That is to say the major lobe is between 75 and 90 degrees to the earth's surface. This will provide excellent omni-directional communication for a distance of 180 to 250 Miles.
This is the new guide for tests given after July 1 2011
53 pages to get your General Ticket
•FREQUENCIES WILL BE 14.255 +/- QRM AND 7.195 +/- QRM 1700 TO 2359 ZULU
Work 15 Ships get a Certificate, Currently 78 ships participating
FREE Yagi Design and Modeling Program
Did you attend Dayton Hamvention ?
Thoughts ? was it what u expected ?
What did u Pic up there.
Special Event W9IMS
Today In History
On May 24 1844 Samuel F.B. Morse transmited the First telegraph message
from Washington to Baltimore as he opened Americas first telegraph line.
if you cant make it to Dayton , you can still get a taste of what it is like by visiting
W5KUB.com . Tom broadcasts to and from Dayton aswell as during the Hamvention.
He also gives aaway alot of prizes online.
Military Cross Band Test.
How many of you partisipated and how many contacts did you make ?
Lately i am sure most of you have heard about our Budget Deficit and the
term trillion Dollars has become quite a common amount of money.
Do you really have an idea how much money that really is ? Click the link and
check it out
Analogy of a Trillion Dollars
analogy: If you had 1.37 million dollars...you would consider yourself as being wealthy, wouldn't you? Ok...if you spent 1.37 million (that's...$1,370,000) EVERY day for a year...365 days -- EVERY DAY -- it would take you 2000 years to spend a trillion dollars. ($1,000,000,000,000).
So....I did the math. At that rate....with our national debt of $14 trillion...($14,000,000,000,000)...it would take
28 THOUSAND YEARS, making payments of $1,370,000 EVERY DAY to pay it off...and that is not including the interest...
Ever wanted that rare EDX Contact but there is a huge Pile Up and you only have 
Modest Radio and Antenna  here is some tips and tricks.
Working Rare DX Or A Pile Up i am sure most of you have heard those operators
who continue to call when the DX station is in a QSO , the link above is a good list
good operating techniques.
Attic / Indoor Antennas
Do you use a Attic Antenna or a indoor Antenna
Slinky Antenna -- yes its made from the metal Slinky Toy
Question 1 -- Do you unplug your antennas / power  when it storms ?
Question 2 -- Do you have your radio equipmet insured ?
Ham Radio Insurance by  Ham Radio Insurance Associates

LOW COST . . . Your annual premium is equal to 1.5% of the amount of insurance you purchase. For example, if the replacement cost of your equipment (excluding towers, antennas and rotors) is $2,000 your annual premium is only $30.00. For an additional 1/2 percent you can add mechanical breakdown and electrical damage coverage. If coverage for your antennas, rotors and towers is desired an additional premium of 3% is added for the replacement value of your antennas, rotors and towers. The minimum policy premium is $25.00.

1. Question : How many of you have been on the USS Cod ?
2. How many of you would be intgerested in visiting the Cod ?
nc8x 1. no  2. yes
kf8pm  1. yes  2. yes
w8ret  1. no 2. yes
kd8muf  1.yes  2. Maybe
ka8wql  1. no  2. yes
w8kyz 1. yes  2. yes
k8rwc  1. yes  2. ?
w8gwd  1. no  2. yes
k8ic  1.no  2. yes
ka8agw 1. ?  2. ?
Upcoming Special Events
4-21-11 Arizona Department of Public Safety Annual Fundraiser Event for Special Olympics
QSL Card with SASE
04/23/2011 | 39th Annual Raleigh Hamfest and ARRL NC State Convention
04/23/2011 | Only International Boundary Marker "Within" the USA
nice color certificate with picture & history of the marker
QSL Bureau
eQSL -- Electronic QSL Card Center
Exchange Electronic QSL Cards, You can print or save the cards to your computer and also
they offer free printable awards for WAS ect ....
LOTW -- LogBook Of The World
Provided by the ARRL (membership NOT required) Exchange contact information, does not 
have QSL cards but your contacts count towards ARRL awards, but you must purchase them 
through buying credits. 
EPC works on the honor system system , they read your log book with provided program and 
you earn awards for hundreds of different catagories. awards are free to download and print or just save 
as a picture file. 
Special Event stations can be from just about any catagorie and usually offer a certificate for 
working the event , most require a SASE but not all . can find a list of the special event stations by searching google or at the arrl site by clicking HERE 
Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club Hamfest
Saturday April 9th

Emidio & Sons Party Center
48 E. Bath Road
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

 ARRL Go Kit

Emergency Go Kit

  1. Dual-band HT in padded belt case.
  2. Copy of current FCC Operating License.
  3. "Tiger tail" (enhances transmit and receive of typical "rubber duck" by 3 db).
  4. Extra high-capacity (1000 man) nicad, or backup AA battery case for HT.
  5. DC adapter & cigarette plug cord for HT
  6. Two extra 2A fuses, for HT cord .
  7. Earphone and/or speaker mike
  8. Spartan pattern Swiss Army pocket knife
  9. Leatherman multi-purpose tool
  10. Mini-Mag-Lite, extra bulb and spare AAs
  11. Pencil and pocket notepad
  12. Emergency gas / phone money ($10 bill, + four quarters and five dimes in pill box).
  13. SO-239 to male-BNC adapter to fit HT to mobile antenna coax and female BNC to SO-239 to fit HT gain antenna to jumper.
  14. 6 ft. RG8-X jumper w/BHC male and female connectors to extend HT antenna with suction cups or auto window clip.
  15. Spare eye glasses of current prescription.
  16. Band aids, moist towelettes and sunscreen
  17. Pocket sewing kit, matches
  18. Small pocket compass
  19. Operating reference card for HT
  20. ARES phone and frequency reference card



 Join us Tuesdays & Saturdays at 0100 Zulu ( 9Pm Local Ohio Time ) on 3.9777 Mhz LSB
Our purpose is to share informatin about Amateur Radio, Science and UFO's with the world
Amateur Radio Social Networking - Like FaceBook but only for Amateur radio Operators
A place where you can find other users that all share a common interest Amateur Radio. Invite your friends, find new friends or find some of your past contacts. You can upload pictures of your radios and shack if you like or just check out others shacks, share your logs and contacts with others and compair your DX contacts and allot more
KE6RRI Repeater 147.435 in California
This repeater has been under many names and owners over the years, most notably referred to as the Animal House Repeater. These guys and gals break just about every FCC rule printed in part 97 and then some. If you choose to listen, please be WARNED that you will here Profanity, Obscenities and lots of Vulgarity. Listener BEWARE this is not for the faint hearted, if children are present, please use Head Phones. If you still want to listen Click HERE

But on a lighter side, I got to give them credit for a really good trivia net Sunday nights at 10Pm local Ohio


Ham Radio Info Bar
A search bar for internet explorer that has many items for the Ham Radio Operator.
Call sign lookup right from your toolbar. utc clock , online audio from popular ham sites and many
many more cool features. you can get it at this link
What is the “Military Cross Band Test” and how do I participate?
Read the full Article --->
Get the PDF ---->
How to Solder a PL-259 Video
the Segment of the video that is about the PL-259 starts at 29.55 seconds into the video.
But the entire video is interesting.

Amateur Logic TV

 Very Informative Training Course for Amateur Radio Emergency Communications.
Ideas for Emergency Power for Your Amateur Radio Station

If you decide to build one of the generators listed on this site please be careful and take the time to guard the pulleys and belts. You may know where not to stick your fingers where they can be hurt, but others and children will not. Also please be very aware that a gasoline engine produces Carbon Monoxide and can be DEADLY. Please place them as far away as possible from your home or operating station. Not recommended to be used while sleeping.

Weather Alert Radios 
Do you have a weather alert or all hazard alert radio ? 
When did you put in fresh batteries last ? 
My practice is to change the batteries in the weather alert radio when i change batteries 
in the smoke and Co2 detectors , spring and fall with the time change.
Skywarn Spotter Traing 
Medina - March 7  6:30 pm Fire Station #1
Lorain County - March 22 Gates Medical Center 6:30 pm 
Cuyahoga County  - April 11 Bartter Hall 6:30 pm
Complete List click ---> Here
Ohio State Wide Tornado Drill March 23 9:30 am
Check into your local skywarn net
Lorain County 146.625 pl 110.9
Medina County 147.030 pl 141.3
Cuyahoga County  146.760 pl 110.9

How many of you have some of these planet / money saving light bulbs in your home ?
 Did you know 
"This product may cause
interference to radio communications and should not be installed near maritime safety
communications equipment or other critical navigation or communication equipment operating
between 0.45-30 MHz."
Full text can be read by clicking on the picture above issued by the US Coast Guard 
C.A.R.S Dayton Bus Trip Info
Go to here.
to reserve and pay
for your 2011
Dayton Hamvention
Bus Trip
C.A.R.S. ARRL Road Trip


Every Amateur radio operator should visit your
ARRL Headquarters, no more excuses, just do it!
Check out the 2011 ARRL Road Trip by clicking
Then, click here to reserve your seat.

Tiger Tail HT antenna counterpoise

HT Tiger Tail Counterpoise Part 1


HT Tiger tail Counterpoise Part 2

Live Online Audio including Police , Public Service , RailRoads, Amateur, D-Star .....
Scanner Frequencies
Radio Forums
Links and information on monitoring many military frequencies from VHF to HF
Interesting Listening
MMSSTV  (free)
 Mostly used on FM - There is a Slow Scan TV net on Saturday Night at 8 Pm
Local on 146.880 . Can also be used to copy SSTV pictures from International Space Station.
MMSSTV does Analog SSTV
Easypal  (free)
Does Digital SSTV and mostly operated on HF
40 Meters = 7.173
20 Meters = 14.233

When All Else Fails -- Amateur Radio Prevails